Scholarship and Discount Privileges

  • Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Scholarship Programs;
  • Edwin R. Garcia Institutional Scholarship Programs;
  • Don Florencio M. Garcia, Doña Enrica R. Garcia, Eric R. Garcia, Levy R. Garcia Memorial Scholarship Programs;
  • Provincial and Local Government and Other Government Scholarship Programs;
  • Qualified Scholarship Programs from different Non-Government Organizations and Private Companies;
  • Graduating Senior High School Students with an over-all Rank 1, 2 and 3;
  • Semestral Scholarships;
  • Garcian Staffers;
  • GCT Supreme Student Council President;
  • With Enrolled Brothers and Sisters (High School and College Levels;
  • Student Assistants;
  • 10% discount shall be granted to students who pay in full his/her entire semestral tuition upon registration;
  • 5% discount on tuition fee for one semester for First Year Students whose any of the parent (mother or father) is a graduate of GCT (College Level Only);
  • Winners for Mr/Miss GCT Palaro;
  • Winners in Individual Sports/Cultural/Beauty Competitions accredited by CHED.

High School Level

Junior High School

  • Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Subsidy for Incoming Grade 7

Senior High School

  • Free Tuition to All Grade 10 Completers from Public Schools thru the DepEd’s Voucher Program;
  • Free Tuition to All Grade 10 Completers with Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Subsidy from Private Schools.